Frequently Asked Questions

Will you match me with someone?

No, I support you and coach you on the skills you need to help you meet that special
person on your own. I will, however, provide you with specific tips on where and how to find quality individuals. It’s important to know where and how to look!

What exactly is a coach?

From The Coaching Training Institute: “Coaching is a process of working with someone as they pursue a new direction or “journey” in their lives with a specific outcome. By hiring a dating coach, that outcome would be first using self discovery to find out who they are and are they currently the best they can be in the dating world, then working with a coach to develop powerful action plans to achieve that purpose, be it navigating and setting up dating social media, discerning the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ date to looking their best.

What is the difference in a therapist and a coach?

Psychotherapy deals with emotional/behavior problems and facing situations that are
disruptive and — and seeks to focus on the dysfunction. Coaching is for functional people
that want to move to a higher level and achieve excellence in an area in their lives. There are many types of coaches, including general life coaches and change of career coaches. I chose to specifically focus on being a dating coach because of my personal experience and passion for helping others in this area.

By working with a dating coach, we look at ways to move forward to help find true love.

Why should I hire you specifically as my dating coach?

By hiring me, my goal is to not only help my client create the life he or she envisions, but to guide and hold accountable with action plans. This includes helping individuals overcome fear and anxiety from the past that may barricade someone from finding that rich, deep meaningful love that will last a lifetime.

Instead of fixing or helping, a CTI trained coach uses the model that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Together we work to apply that model to the goals of the client.

How long will it take?

That depends on the individual. Each session we set a topic and usually there is a action plan. We will follow up on the action plan and possibly find different areas to work on. For example, if shyness is a challenge I may suggest a Toastmaster class and we will follow up. There are books and articles I can suggest. Typically about 8 sessions will net some help an individual see the potential in how coaching can be productive…and Healing! We will review social media to make sure it is “tight and right”.

But wait -- why do I have to hire someone to help me with this.

Think of it as an investment. The national average for a wedding is more than $35,000. Divorces can cost just as much, if not more. But even a relationship doesn’t come to that, what toll does an unhealthy relationship bring? Only you can be the judge.

I say: if you are out there dating and spending money to look good, why not make an investment that will truly pay off — in yourself. In building the skills and tools that will help you find that partner for a lifetime.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?

People live busy lives. As a courtesy, we ask for 24 hour notice.